Art direction, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design
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FEMXPHOTOGRAPHERS.ORG is an independent, non-hierarchical collective, dedicated to the promotion of fine art photographers, who expose and deconstruct the dominant male gaze in photography. They shape contemporary discourse by releasing thematic publications, organising exhibitions and panels, and providing photographers with an empowering network of solidarity and mutual support.

A book about female vision, the power of the mind, as well as dreams and fantasies, logic and intuition, Mind Over Matter is an exploration of inner strength, courage, determination, willpower, and support in complex and individual series. Edited by Roula Seikaly and with contributions by photographers from the team as well as many guest artists and writers, the publication has the character of an illustrated reader.

Launched at The International Art Fair for photography, Grand Palais Éphémère Paris.

︎︎︎ Published by Hatje Kantz
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︎︎︎ Distribution Australia
︎︎︎ Distribution Worldwide