karolina krupickova 

1993 born in Liberec, CZ
1995 started skiing
1997 kindergarden
2005 puberty
2007 went to German School
2013 abitur
           moved to Vienna, AT
2015 started roller derby
2016 Medienwissenschaft, 
University of Vienna
20  moved to London, UK

2018 Graphic Design specialisation 2018 2018 programme, California Institute of the Arts, USA

2019 Fashion as Design
MoMA, New York, USA

2020 MA Graphic Communication Design,
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

2020 Due Covid cancelled internship at the Rodina, Amsterdam

2020 Co–founded studiobasic.london



yesterday's tomorrow

︎ yesterdaystomorrow.xyz/

yesterday’s tomorrow is a post-critical platform collectively rethinking design h*stories, design education and power structures

yesterday’s tomorrow/symposium invites future thinkers in the fields of art, design, typography and education facilitating the elementary necessity to talk about how to politicise, depatriarchise, create, intersectionalise, queer, decolonise, transform, rethink and empower within graphic communication design practices

yesterday’s tomorrow/publishing is a platform for reflection and debate. Through essays, conversations and interviews, contributors engage past, present, and recurring themes in art and design culture. Lectures, text – and audio-based essays were contributed in response to ‘a design manifesto from a transformative feminist perspective’ which was written by karolina for her final project, completing the postgraduate programme of Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

yesterday’s tomorrow/game yesterdaystomorrow.xyz/

art direction

misc fest

visual identity reflecting on diversity and fluidity of postgraduate students of MA Performance Design and practice at Central Saint Martins 

misc fest is an annual three-week festival of performance, featuring autobiographical work, installations, video art and live performances

as the festival was taking place for the timespan of 3 weeks, each week was distributed with a different colour for printed matter

︎ collaboration with Johanna Hammer

art direction and design

gina grnw

3D artworks 
web design ︎ ginagrnw.store/

GINA GRNW is a brand and social enterprise project created Gina Grunwald, a fashion design student at Central Saint Martins. The brand presents itself as an alternative platform with a strong zero waste and upcycling DNA, challenging the destructive mainstream world of fast fashion. Its aim is to battle the global social and environmental crises by one sale at a time, committing to donate from every sale to a selection of effective charities and NGOs

Her ethos of colliding the old with the new, mirrors itself clearly in our current product range, where we mix the latest 3D printing and laser cutting technology with the traditional craftsmanship of crochet and knit. Her limited handbag collection is 100% Swiss made. The unique studio pieces are entirely made out of upcycled acrylic glass, which gets locally sourced as off cuts from plexiglass factories in Zurich, Switzerland

︎ collaboration with Johanna Hammer
art direction and design

novy zine

novy zine is a fashion editorial publication and platform for independent artist of czech avantgarde living inside and outside of the Czech scene with an AR extended digital experience and space for the backstage content

paperback: 205 Pages
language: Czech & English
ISBN: tbc

︎ collaboration with Johana Kasalicka & Johanna Hammer
art direction and design


creates colourful femme latex clothing in Berlin, Germany

︎ visit

︎ collaboration with Johanna Hammer
3D animation